The best idea feedback you’ll find online.

You’re an entrepreneur, a maker/blogger/builder of “things.” You have ideas, but you need feedback that actually helps you bring them to life.

It’s easy to find a critic. But actually useful feedback doesn’t have to be hard to come by — because it’s right here.

What do you need help with? An idea, a landing page, a niche, or an article?

Expand Your Idea

When you’re excited about an idea but wonder if you’ve thought it all the way through.

Fix Your Landing Page

When you can’t quite put your finger on why your landing page isn’t performing as you’d like it to.

Refine Your Niche

When you need help with clarifying your niche and discovering what you really want to focus on.

Optimize Your Article

When you need help optimizing an article to not only rank in Google but better help your readers.

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Wall of Nice

These are nice things people have shared with me about LMYU.

This is literally the best feedback I have ever received on ANY of my projects… thank you! ❤️” -McKenzie P.

Incredible value in this. More of a mind-evolving experience than simple feedback.” -Jack L.

Now THIS is what feedback should be! So simple yet so powerful.” -Jessica A.

So smart. I didn’t know what to expect and yet, somehow, my expectations were shattered!” -Nate P.

Wait a minute. Why hasn’t this service existed before? This feedback is seriously on point. Best I’ve ever seen. It showed me things I think I know I should have thought of, but just hadn’t. Now I just have to act on them. 🔥” -Mike S.