Improve your article with real, human feedback.

Quality, optimized articles bring traffic from Google which can turn into leads for your products and services. But not all articles perform well.

I’ll help you bring reader-centric focus to your article and discover sub-topics you may have overlooked to help rank in Google. Learn more →

Step 1: Send Article

Briefly describe your article. Not in-depth. Between 50-280 characters are enough.

Step 2: Collaborate

I’ll email you a series of questions designed specifically to help you improve your article – and sub-topics missing from your article.

Step 3: Begin

How Does it Work?

The entire feedback session happens in 3 emails.

First, when you send your article, you will get an automated email with questions I always start off with.

Then in the next email, it will be just you, me, and your article — I grill you with a series of questions carefully designed to force you to think more deeply about your article.

In the final email, you’ll get a checklist of sub-topics you may have missed when writing your article. I’ll compare your article to your competition and see if I can find gaps in your article that may help it rank and also help your readers better.

You’ll get a link to pay at the end after everything is already delivered to you. In other words, I’m taking all the risk. ❤️+✌️

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Of course, I cannot promise your article will rank well on Google. SERP rankings are determined by a tremendous variety of reasons.

However, this feedback is designed to help you think through your article more fully to improve your chances of success — and make it better for your readers as well.