Expand your idea with real, human feedback.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” —Zig Ziglar

I’ll help you explore your idea and push you to consider things you may have overlooked. Expand your idea and develop a new understanding of how you will empower others with it and create a successful product/service. Learn more →

Step 1: Send Idea

Briefly describe your idea. Not in-depth. Between 50-280 characters are enough.

Step 2: Collaborate

We’ll collaborate via email through a series of questions designed specifically to help you expand your idea.

Step 3: Begin

How Does it Work?

The entire feedback session happens in 3 emails.

First, when you send your idea you will get an automated email with questions I always start off with.

Then in the next email, it will be just you, me, and your idea — I grill you with a series of questions carefully designed to force you to think more deeply about your idea.

In the final email, you’ll get a checklist of even more questions devised to help you think through (and beyond) your idea.

That’s actually part of the magic of this technique. You’re on the hook, responsible, every step of the way. In other words, you’ll never forget, nor take lightly, what you uncover about your idea.

You’ll get a link to pay at the end after everything is already delivered to you. In other words, I’m taking all the risk. ❤️+✌️

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Of course, I cannot promise your idea will become successful. Ideas fail or succeed for a tremendous variety of reasons.

However, this feedback is designed to help you think through your idea more fully to improve your chances of success.

You could also discover you want to abandon the idea and save yourself the hassle of wasting your time on ideas that will never be successful.