Be of service — a series of bits to show how you must be ready to provide your service to clients.

Be of service; do something of value for someone else.

The other day I was asked how my little startup — the site you are on right now — could have earned over $500 in the first month after launch (actually the first two weeks). Mostly since there was virtually no traffic, and obviously, Google isn’t ranking anything yet.

What is something remarkable about your idea?

What is something remarkable about your idea?

Sometimes we get so deep into our work everything feels special about it. The truth is, to your potential customers, they may not notice. There is so much vying for their attention you have to do something that stands out.

Are you attached to your idea?

Is your idea attached to you personally?

You should take it personally but don’t take it personally. What the heck could I possibly mean by that? It sounds like I’m just contradicting myself. Let me explain.

How would you measure success?

How would you measure the success of your idea?

How will you know if your idea is a success? You don’t need fancy growth charts, milestone maps, and achievement metrics. Success is different for everyone, but there is some goal or milestone that when you reach it, you’ll feel like your idea was a success.

What would you think of your own idea?

What would you think about your own idea?

This is a simple but powerful exercise when you are validating your idea. You could almost think of it as a mental prototype to gain a new perspective of your idea. What would you yourself think about your idea if someone else was pitching it to you?