Write fast using Frase.io

How to write articles fast while improving quality at the same time

As content creators, we have this burning desire to create more content–faster. If we can learn any new tweaks to our writing process to save time or improve quality without impacting speed — we’re all in. In this guide, I want to introduce you to a process using the amazing Frase tool that will feel like you’ve been gifted with writing superpowers.

Research article topic ideas fast -- books on a table

A super easy method for researching incredible article topic ideas fast

When I launched LMYU, I had the goal of 150 articles in the first 90 days. This is a lofty goal for sure. 150 articles is a lot. How did I brainstorm all the article ideas to plan out 150 articles? It’s actually much easier than you think. I’ll explain my unique method in-depth throughout this guide.

Use dictation to write fast.

How to Use Dictation to Create Blog Articles Insanely Fast

Hello blogger. What if I told you there was a way you could create your blog posts, landing pages, and any content marketing, ahem, content, exceptionally fast so you can create more, and therefore be on your way to earning more, in a shorter amount of time.

How much do you honestly feel customers will pay for your idea?

How much do you honestly feel customers will pay for your idea?

The keyword to focus on is honestly. Because we’d all love to think customers will pay based on all the hard work and dedication we’ve put into our products and services. All the blood, sweat, and tears over the years to gain the skills necessary to turn an idea into something real.

Are you ready to do the work?

Are you ready to do the work to bring your idea to life?

Creating a product or service from scratch, starting from just an idea, is no easy task. There is an awful lot to think about. Where do you start? Who are you trying to help? What skills do you have that you can leverage? Do you have the time?

How difficult is your idea to act on and launch?

How difficult is your idea to act on & launch?

Difficult ideas have big rewards, but the journey to completing them is fraught with major hurdles, laws, long timelines, and more. You’ll question your very being sometimes but have the desire to make it work. Are you ready to launch a difficult idea?